What is Celery and Sandalwood?

Celery for health and sandalwood for the clear, heady, and healing energy it provides. This is my first post! In the future I hope to inspire, encourage, nudge, facilitate, mentor and coach others to follow a true path – their own true path – one of many or many or a wholly unique path – to their own unconscious knowing about what will make their life sparkle and shine.  I won’t guarantee that I’ll provide any new information but a collection of the best of the best with my own slant on things.

My goal is to inspire, to empower people to take more so they can give more.

  • More responsibility for their thinking and how they’re living.
  • More ability to breathe in life and exhale joy.
  • More ability to see all the joy and opportunity that surrounds us all the time.
  • More consciousness about their health and what it really means to eat and live healthy.
  • More awareness of our interconnectedness.

Each of us is important to the world. Each of us has a contribution to make. We need the unique contributions of each of us to dig ourselves out of the many morasses we’ve made for ourselves.

Thank you for visiting. Feel free to add your comments, too. We are all in this together.

Jo Tampas

You can reach me at jtampas@gmail.com.

Stay tuned …