Freedom – what does it mean to you?

What does freedom mean to you?

As United States citizens our freedoms are being expanded in some areas and challenged by government efforts to keep us safe in others. We can’t necessarily control these circumstances instantaneously. There are many places in our lives where we can gain control and that’s the most freeing thing we can do for ourselves, our loved ones and the rest of humanity.

This isn’t a political diatribe. It is a call to keep our bodies and brains safe from internal, self-motivated pollution.

Sane-itizing your thinking and healing our relationships are both free activities and create a life of freedom from the debilitating effects of fear, hate, anger, envy, jealousy, humiliation, shame, defeatism, racism, and … the list goes on and on.

Inspired by my training as a Martha Beck Life Coach, and The Work, developed by Byron Katie, I challenge us to think about freedom from our limiting thoughts.

The place we need to start is by becoming aware of our thoughts. Are they generally kind and loving? When are they not? Who are our non-loving thoughts directed toward? Ourselves? If so, that’s the best place to start to heal our thoughts – with the one we have the most intimate and potentially rewarding relationship – ourselves.

The next time you think a harsh, unkind or hateful thought about your talents, skills, body, potential, your future or your past, stop and ask yourself “Is that true?” This one question asked by itself will start to shift your thinking but taking it further produces big rewards. This is the first of the 4 questions that comprise The Work of Byron Katie. By using these four questions you will be able to transform your thinking in ways that will free you up to be happier, and, as a result, to be healthier.

It can be frightening and hard to question your thinking by yourself. Give it a try. It helps to write the answers out, especially when you get to the trickier process of turning your negative thoughts around to a healthier, more positive thought.

To really dig into the harder thoughts it can be helpful to work with an objective friend or a life coach.

You can access all of The Work at All of her worksheets are free and you can see videos of her working with people through the process.

Happy Transformations!